“Zenit” And “Krasnodar” Came Out In The 1/8 Finals Of The Europa League

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January 31, 2022
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Both russian clubs that act in the europa league have positively completed their matches and reached the quarterfinals of the tournament. Now «zenith» and «krasnodar» expect the draw, which will be held today, at 15:00 moscow time, at uefa headquarters.

Content: 1. Anger semah inspired «zenith»2. «Krasnodar» played in a victorious none3. Teams that came out in the 1/8 finals of the europa league

Both russian clubs approached the 1/16 final matches in the non-catastrophic, but predicary position. «Zenith» minimally lost to the turks on the road 1: 0, and «krasnodar» in the native walls played to zero draw. But according to the end ended everything in the best way.

Anger semah inspired «zenith»

In the native walls, the st. Petersburg club acted more confidently and scored already in the 4th minute, ozoev distinguished. After half an hour, the advantage of the owners increased the hero of the match – iranian serdar azmun – twenty. But leave for a break with a victorious feeling «zenit» still failed. Mehmet podl in the end of the first half did a score 2: 1. This result brought the turkish team to the next round according to the rules of the exit goal and could not arrange pieters.

«Zenith» less owned the ball, but it was more dangerous, in the total number of shots almost never lost «fenerbahch» (12 against 13), but by impacts in the target significantly exceeded the opponent (7 against 3). It was evident that the team was charged to win. After the match, the defender «blue-white blue» branislav ivanovich noted that the team a little asked physikally, but he took the spirit and could bring the case to the victorious. According to him, greatly influenced the moment when coach sergey semak «almost came up» with football player «fenerbahch»:

«When semak almost came up with a player „fenerbahch“, maybe he started the team. It was a positive moment. It shows that we are experiencing together and try».

On the 76th minute, serdar azmun issued a double and made a score 3: 1. As a result, iranets received an assessment on the portal who scored – 10 points, and his club goes on.

???? Serdar azmun – the best iranian scorer in the history of european cup ????????????????????????

8⃣ serdar azmun
6⃣ ali daie
5⃣ samados
5⃣ mehdi makhdavikia
2⃣ karim ansrarifard # ligaucarope @zenit_spb @sazmoun pic.Twitter.Com / zckdqpkeir

— uefa.Com in russian (@uefacom_ru)
february 21, 2019.

«Zenit» threatens the penalty for the behavior of his fans during the first match 1/16 finals. Read more about it – in separate material.

«Krasnodar» played in a victorious draw

A draw on his field transferred all the burden of responsibility to a retaliatory meeting, in which, according to most experts, «krasnodar» should have lost. Really, «bayer» – an experienceed european -ugal player who takes the fifth place in bundesliga, and recently defeated his field «bavaria» with a score 3: 1.

But this time it did not come out: «bulls» covered «pharmacetto» not on teeth. Yes, «krasnodar» lost by possession, by the number of blows and passes, but not at will and account. Furthermore, «black and green» also the first to open an account. True, unlike the above-described fight, the goal of 19-year magomed-shap suleimanova was scored on the 84th minute.

Almost immediately aftert that this ball «bayer» managed to play off, but he did not work out. The score on the scoreboard remained 1: 1 and according to the rules of the exit goal in the next round goes «krasnodar». For «bykov» this is the second time during the existence of fc, when they go out in the 1/8 finals of the europa league.

Teams that came out in the 1/8 finals of the europa league


The country

«Dynamo» kyiv




«Arsenal» london








«Dynamo» zagreb




«Inter» milan
















In the group stage in the europa league there were threee russian clubs. Besides the above, was also «spartacus», but the moscow team could not reach the playloth. Read more about it – in our material.

And «zenith», and «krasnodar» now the leaders of the russian premier league, which returns from the winter break for march 1. St. Petersburg club will go to leaving «urals», but «bulls» – to moscow k «spartak».

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