Zenit Defeats Cska, What Will Surprise “Loko” And “Dynamo”, Spartak Underestimates “Sochi”

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August 5, 2022
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On august 26 and 27, spectacular matches of the 6th round rpl will be held. Fans will be able to watch three hot bills: «zenith» visit cska, «spartacus» – «sochi», but «dynamo» – «locomotive». What is the forecasts of betting experts about the nearest matches who will be a favorite and who is an outsider meeting – next in special material. Latest and current sports and football news in our section.

Zenit defeats CSKA, what will surprise 'Loko' and 'Dynamo', Spartak underestimates 'Sochi'
Content: 1. «Zenith» – cska: forecasts and rate2. «Spartacus» – «sochi»: forecasts and rates3. «Dynamo» – «locomotive»: forecasts and rates

Recall that on thursday, august 26, two main games of the tour will be held: «zenith» – cska (live broadcast at 20:15), and on friday august 27 – meeting «dynamo» and «lokomotiva» (18:50).

«Zenith» – cska: forecasts and rates

«Zenit» to play the second home match in the season – in the first game he beat «krasnodar» (3: 2). In the last battle of blue-white-blue distributed glasses with «ufoy», but the champion game is full of optimism. Recently recently returned from tokyo olympic champions – malkom and beginner athlete claudigno. Cska with alexey berezutsky shows a strange game – red-blue gave way «dynamo» and «locomotive», but pulled out victory «rostov», «ahmat» and «ufa». Bk «league rates» offers to conclude an interactive bet on winning «zenita», putting the coefficient of 1.61, on a draw – 4.40, and on triumph cska – five.Twenty.

Zenit - CSKA: forecasts and rates

Cska for the last seasons weakened in positions. Red-blue did not win «zenith» starting from november 2018, and on the road – from april 2011. Today in the team large-scale changes, and in the current season it will not fight for the champion title. Expert forecasts: victory «zenita» with foro (-1) and an increased coefficient.

«Dynamo»– «locomotive»: forecasts and rates

Dynamo are today at the top of the rpl table, and «locomotive» lags behind them just 1 point. Marco nikolich holds «loco» in the struggle for the championship. Red-green lost only 4 points, playing in a draw with «zenit» and «ufoy». Sandro schwartz, mentor «dynamo», also leads excellent work. White-blue show organized game and result, and the team is ready to fight for the gold medal. But also calendar «dynamo» in primary tours was not difficult.

Dynamo - Lokomotiv: forecasts and rates

According to bk «betsyty», a little more chances for winning has «dynamo» – 2.25, coefficient to win «loco» – 3.30, on draw – 3.Fifty.

A year ago «dynamo» in the petrovsky park won «locomotive» with a crushing score of 5: 1, but today today this alignment will repeat. If someone win, then with a small difference, betting experts predict. «Dynamo», most likely, will own the ball and and «loco» try to win the counterattacks. Dangerous situations will be enough, and the winner to predict with 100% probability – hard enough.

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