Zenit Is Particularly Preparing For The Match With Fenerbahce In The Europa League

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January 27, 2022
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Training «zenita» to match counter «fenerbahch» is in full swing, but full and curious moments. One of these fixed on its page in instagram striker «zenita» artem dzyuba.

Zenit IS Particularly Preparing For The Match with Fenerbahce In The Europa League

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Russian teams who take part in eurocades were forced to finish training fees for a half months earlier and proceed to active preparation for the second part of the season. Speech, of course, about «zenit i «krasnodar». St. Petersburg club is your first match with turkish «fenerbahch» lost, however, the minimum defeat with the score of 1: 0 leaves good chances of the club on the passage to the next stage.

Pause in the championship, of course, has both minuses and pros in this confrontation. On the one side, «blue-white blue» unlike his rivals are not in the optimal physical tone (turkish super liga did not leave pause, and «fenerbahch» did not experience playing savory). With another – the st. Petersburg club is elementary more forces, the players got the opportunity to relax, removing the physical and emotional tension.

This should be positively affected by the mood and psychology of athletes in the tournament. An excellent reflection of a good mood was a video that laid out the attack of the club artem dzüb on his page in instagram. In it, the team worked out game situations involving «mannequins» as defenders. In the fight against one of those after a canopy, another striker fell into the penalty area, andrey zabolotny.

His fall caused a loud laughter of half teams. Brighter everyone’s videos are heard by the voice of jube, who, interrupting on laughter, reports to everyone that will lay out this video in instagram, that he subsequently did.

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To tears)))) just kayf)))

Publication from artem dzyuba (@artem.Dzyuba) 18 feb 2019 at 8:59 pst

Artem dzüba, who fell into love of the whole country during the world cup in russia (the media even called it «dzübamania»), knows his openness and sense of humor. So, during command fees and cup «match prime» in qatar, sport24 journalists were able to persuade the striker to an unusual interview without any special problems – in essence, blitz with a comedy tint. And jüba was able to shine his humor, having time to push in one video of his comrades – alexandra golovina and ivan novoseltseva.

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