Zenit Returned With A Pause With Championship Football: The Results Of The Tour In The Rfpl

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April 13, 2022
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Mystical by number and boring in content the 13th round of rfpl was diluted with an unexpected defeat from «zenita». Briefly about the main weekends – in our review.

Zenit returned with a pause with championship football: the results of the tour in the RFPL
Content: 1. Tedesko’s debut turned out to be blurred2. «Locomotive» continues his victorious procession3. Used chance «krasnodar»4. «Zenith» made paints in the 13th round

Tedesko’s debut turned out to be blurred

October 14, italo-german coach domenico tedesco, known for working with «schalke 04», officially became a mentor «spartak». Dreamers from the number of fans waited for the instant resurrection of the moscow team, but after the game with «ruby» it can be stated that the miracle did not happen. The new coach is necessary time to raise players from the psychological pit and introduce their football ideas.

As far as fanam «red-white» it remains only to rejoice that for the first time in six fights, their club did not lose, did not miss, did not miss (the match ended with the score of 0: 0), and also hope that the trainer’s adaptation period will be quick. Otherwise «spartacus» risks to be in the departure zone.

About who is tedesko and what awaits «spartacus» under his leadership, – in separate material.

«Locomotive» continues his victorious procession

Team of yuri semin, on the contrary, scored a great move and on friday on the road to grozny got his fifth victory in a row in the championship – twenty. Excellent result for raising the mood before traveling to turin on tuesday, where they are waiting «juventus». After mine «victoria» «loco» continues to lead in table with 29 points. At the same time a game with «ahmatom» left and unpleasant aftertaste – the injury was received by georgevich, who replenished and without that decent lazareret «railway».

Used chance «krasnodar»

«Bulls» had a great chance to become the chapter of the table, but stumbled on the departure in moscow. There they were waiting for local «dynamo», which seems to be charged with any coach to select glasses from leaders and give them outsiders. This time it turned out like a similar situation. At the same time, muscovites led in the score at the 3rd minute, but before the end of the first half «krasnodar» managed to play the ball. And the duel eventually ended with the score 1: 1.

«Zenith» made paints in the 13th round

In general, this rfpl tour could well get the title of one of the most boring results from the point of view of the results. Judge for yourself, from eight games four ended in a draw (three with a score of 1: 1 and one – 0: 0), two victory with a minimum account – 0: 1 («orenburg» – «wings of soviets») and 1: 2 («tambov» – «ural»), two more with a difference two and more goals. And if pro «locomotive» we have already said, then about «zenith» not yet. The current champion of russia in the central match of the tour arranged a real spread «rostov» – 6: 1.

This victory became the most effective in confrontation between the teams (before this record was «victoria» in 2014, 0: 5). The most amazing thing is that this meeting was viewed as a confrontation of the leaders, but showed that «rostov» carpina is not ready for championship yet. «Zenith» i beat the guests both by the result and in all statistical indicators and now divides the first line with «locomotive», with the best difference of scored and missed.

Match Results

Especially stood out artem dzüb, the interest in which he actively exhibits «inter». More about the potential transition of the russian in the seprate and we wrote in a separate material.

We previous wrote that «manchester united» cut the record series «liverpool».

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