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June 14, 2022
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Hairrollers – welcome guests in each casino. They sit at the table with a ready to part with a large sum for the sake of entertainment. Among those is a small percentage of those who, thanks to the composure, use gambling for earnings. Zelko rangeades thanks to the rates clapped a state of $ 600 million.

Namelko rangets
date of birth may 22, 1961
place of birth hobart, australia
citizenship australia

Gambling youth

Zelko rangec was born in the poor family of croatian emigrants. Most of the time he devoted to study – the readifess for tense work with the youthful years paid off in the future. He managed to get a scholarship at the university of tasmania. In a prestigious university, the future millionaire examines banking and finance.

In the time of student, zelko ranoch starts to get involved in gambling. In the wrest point hotel casino – the first legal casino of australia – he studies blackjack and learns to count cards. Here he also meets the future spouse – shelley wilson.

In 1984, a ban on counting cards. By this time zhelko already began to succeed in blackjack and tried to challenge the restriction until the latter. His lawyer damian commented on the situation of fairfax media:

"I reviewed the rules of blackjack and i will be glad if you let me know on what basis the use of card counting is equal to an unnatural game".

He went to gold coast to take the last attempt to beat the dealer. On the opening day of the casino jupiters, the guard service turned out to be extremely vigilant. The able young man quickly put up for doors. Later, the security service head noted that all employees had a note with information about zelko. Already then he was called "joker" and "famous ticket".

Zhelko rangeades, together with shelley wilson – the couple got married in 1998

Together with his future wife, zelko moves to sydney. Previously, he dreamed of becoming a lawyer, so decides to enter the university of south wales. However, schooling quickly replace gambling. Due to the need for money, a married couple begins to ride in korea and las vegas. However, overseas casinos over time also ceased to let joker. By this time in the united states, the counting of cards because of edward torp.

Fame clearly played not good. Because of this, over time, he became a recluse. He does not like to be photoographed and sometimes uses the pseudonym john wilson.

On the threshold razdolia

The presence of starting capital will allow him to start earning a lot of money in the rates on the races. He was distinguished from the rest of the regulars of the ippodrome – the "joker" had a unique strategy. Among the key points of the approach:

  • Capital concentration on low margin coefficients.
  • Conclusion of exclusive conditions with bookmakers.

He has largely succeeded, cooperating with alan woods, wh previously developed a computial model to determine the potential winners in racing. The calculation of the tracks, weather conditions, the form of participants and other factors took into account. Despite cooperation wood "joker", alan woods always called him his rival.

Every year, zhelko rangets concluded hundreds of bets, which allowed him to become a contradictory figure. According to various sources, the "joker" rates reached 6-8% of the tapcorp’s annual income – the largest national gambling operator. His betting in betfair made up a third of all australian operations.

Success allows him to create a network of observers, analysts, players and administrators around the world – more than 300 people work for syndicate. This allows you to increase the volume of rates and hide the personality due to false persons. Tapcorp representatives have previously reported that the conducted an appriate check, but could not find evidence of a dishonest game. They also reminded fans of bets on risks of manipulatition pool.

Resonance occurred after the bankruptcy tote tasmania in 2011. One of the reasons is called discounts that zelko rangec regularly used. He put millions of dollars and claymed: "even in case of loss, i still get profit.".

"If you put $ 100 and lose $ 5 dollars, but get a 10% discount, you still get 5%" – zelko rangea

Jackpot hunting

Racing – the main, but not the only source of income. Part of the state of "joker" earned in keno. In 1994 in casino north ryde rsl club, he won a jackpot of $ 7.5 million.

According to rumors, syndicate zelko actively put money for similar lottery. For 18 months, a group of players became the winner of 40 lotteries from 44. When the jackpot achieves a sufficiently high meaning, australian buys up to 90% of lottery tickets. The total amount of rates is sometimes $ 3 billion per year.

Utopia ludomana

Zhelko rangeca was lucky to be born in australia. Winnings from rates are not subject to tax. Having a state of hundreds of millions of dollars, "joker" must nothing. In 2008, australian tax administration could not ignore the financial situation of the check. The regulator trid to cleing to an illegal business, which is associated with rates and is located directly by zelko.

Business partner of the suspected – david walsh – noted that the rates on the jumps are not retes to sources of taxable income. If the investigation continues, it will negatively affect everyone who once won on the hippodrome.

After 4 years, zhelko rangets went to the transaction. Australian tax administration closed his eyes on the player’s activities from 2004 to 2011. Terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

In 2012, he became co-founder of colossusbets limited. She proposes to combine rates players. Until june 12, 2018, a platform collaborated with the britbet consortium, which controls 55 british racetracks.

Personal life and assets

In 2011, zelko, together with his wife and daughter, emily left sydney. Most of the time australian spends in london. Family has an apartment in one hyde park. The cost of housing in the complex varies from $ 5.6 million to $ 235 million.

Among oter real estate:

  • House in nammberla.
  • Penthouse in hobart – $ 5.3 million.
  • Mansion in mosman – $ 20 million.

Joker has sevel cars – mclaren sports car, elongated limousine and lamborghini aventador for $ 600 thousand. The latter it use as a photo profile in social networks twitter and instagram. He is described as followows:

"Allegedly the largest professional player in the world – a million dollars hembler. You may have read sevel stories about me. Some of them may be true. ".

According to the latest data, from 2019 zhelko, rangets advises newfield limited – international racing company and sports events.

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