Zhenya Medvedeva Presented A New Photo Session In High-Tech-Utopia Style

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August 1, 2022
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Russian figure skater zhenya medvedev continues to try himself in different spheres, which, mostly, do not intersect with sports. This time, the oi medalist shared several new pictures in an unusual stylist. Read on our site winter sports news.

Zhenya Medvedeva Presented a New Photo Session in High-Tech-Utopia Style

Instagram bride medvedeva replenished with a new joint photo session with christmas kostov

The medalist of the last olympiad of zhenya medvedev is not competing for a whole year, but the girl always finds himself. Unlike his colleague alina zagitova, who, at its own request, suspended his career in december 2019, evgenia was forced to leave sports at a certain time. It’s all about it in the exacerbated injury of the back and coronavirus. All this athlete was transferred to the height of the season 2020/2021, remaining worthout the possibility of performing on starts.

In the future, medvedev season is unliely to perform, as she did not get into the rentals will be in another city on the show. Ice showed steel for many fans of zhenya one of the few ways to see an athlete in «business». This summer, she will perform in sochi, the role of kiti shcherbatsky will play «anna karenina» ilya averbukha.

What zhenya is doing except for the show? In addition to planned training and participation in ice productions, the figure skater takes part in various events of the brands which she collaborates as an ambassadora, visiting children’s sports schools and in secular events with red tracks and also spends an autograph session in an unusual style.

For example, today it will be held her meeting with fans in the garden imperial garden. For the event, the figure skater elected japanees stylistics, over which designers worked for about a month.

IT Will Be Held With Her Meeting With Fans in The Garden Imperial Garden

Source: instagram.Com / imperial_garden

Zhenya has a special love for unusual design. One of its last projects was a joint photo session with her comrade and bulgarian singer christian kostov in the style of futurism. In pest «instagram» zhenya showed a few photos and wrote a prehistory.

«Flora: phase 1, 2184. The world in which k-150300 and j-191199 live, reminds high-tech-utopia, in which there is no place for flowers and emotions», – so the story begins.

Next, medvedev talks about the place in which there are only skyscrapers painted in different shades of gray. In this world, they have already forgotten what words mean «sunset», «day» and «night», a, according to legend, the concept «nature» lost your meaning. Characters of zhenya and christian make a decision to explore the underworld, which is under the ban, because from there nobody returned from there.


Source: instagram.Com / jmedvedevaj

In the publication, medvedev celebrated all artists, designers, florists and others involved in the photo shoot.

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