Zidan Asked Peresa To Relocate The Young Star “Dortmund” Jadeon Sancho

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February 16, 2022
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According to german media, madrid «real» seriously intereted in buying the main star «borussia» – jadeon sancho. The head coach does not even scare the price tag in €100 million.

Zidan Asked Peresa to Relocate The Young Star'Dortmund' Jadeon Sancho
Content: 1. «Borussia d» – talent supplier2. Zidane is looking for new heroes

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«Borussia d» – talent supplier

Dortmunds «borussia» in an amazing way, heard annually selling his talend players and at the same time stay on advanced positions in german and international football. In this season «bumblebee» under the leadership of lucien pava, from the first rounds seized the head in the german championship and still retain the good championship chances. Such results – this is definitely the merit of the scout service that finds young talents worldwide.

At different times, the german club has become profitable:

  • Mario getze – €37 million (club pupil);
  • Pierre obamyang – €63 million came from «renna» behind €13 million;
  • Ilka gundogan –€27 million, buying for €4 million;
  • Usman dembel – €105 million bought for €15 million.

Now, with a high probability, club will leave and jage sancho, who passed the last summer to the team from «manchester city» for the sum €8–10 million. However, the club management has already made a statement that he is not going to let the talented football player. But whether they can resist when the amount of the proposal will reach the mark in €100 million, – question.

Separately on transfer rumors that increase with the approach of summer, you can read in a special review.

Zidane is looking for new heroes

Especially difficult to resist the sancho himself. For example, demobel did not stand and moved to «barcelona». Moreover, the club also did not want to let him go, but he literally began to go to confrontation with the leadership and team, skating training. Ultimately it was decided to take big money and let go of a problem player. Similarly, the obanang soon arrived, also sending guidance and showing all the form that he did not want to stay in dortmund.

And it will be difficult to resist. After all, according to the information of the german publication, blind, a person’s person is interested in not anyone else, as a personally head coach of madrid «real» – zinined zidan. Frenchman recently returned to the club, with whom three years in a row won the champions league, on several conditions. One of them – full control over the transfer company, a real map-blanche. The media reports that coach «blancos» he handed his desire to the president of the club, and on the transfer is ready to allocate €100 million.

We wrote more about returning ziza in a separate material.

Also, according to the british edition of daily mail, a person’s person is interested in the principled rival of the former club sancho – «manchester united». This offer is interesting because jadeon will get the opportunity to return to his home in england – play for the adult national team in which he has already sport sevel matches.

Earlier we wrote about the result of manchester derby, unexpected defeat «arsenal» and the impact of these matches for the championship race in the submarine.

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