Zidan Wants To See The Waste In “Real”, But Everything Will Decide The Response Meeting Of The Mj With “Barsa”

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February 14, 2022
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Today «manchester united» to play in the response meeting of the 1/4 finals of the leach «barcelona». According to a number of british media, in case of victory mj «real» trying to get a leader «red devils» – bulk fields.

Zidan Wants To See The Waste In'Real', but everything will decide the response meeting of the MJ with 'Barsa'
Content: 1. Beautiful net return in mj2. Long-standing fan3. Zidane is tuned seriously

Beautiful net return in mj

25-year old midfielder paul has passed in «manchester united» in 2016, as the main star, around which jose mourinho intended to build a club. A special shade of this transition was added halo «return home», after all, at one time paul performed for the yout of the mj, but it was not possible to wake the basis and now it went «juventus» completely in another status. But with mourinho, the frenchman could not show stability. Moreover, ultimately doried with the coach and was on the verge of leaving «manchester».

But everything changed the parish on the coaching bridge uhh gunnar sulcher in december last year. Almost instantly, the frenchman took a key place in building a norwegian coach and the match for the match was distinguished by effective gears and scored goals. In other words, paul began to do what he had long been waiting for him and that he, in fact, had already done in the french national team, but not in the club.

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3 points ???? @manchesternited @marcusrashford #mufc #daretocreate

Publication from paul labile pogba (@paulpogba) 13 apr 2019 at 12:52 pdt

Long-standing fan

In parallel with this on the coaching bridge in «real» madrid returned to the long-standing admirer of the talent of the french havbek – zinined zidan. Shortly after that, the coach, and the football player exchanged courtesy through the press, which caused rumors that the injury could go to the camp «creamy» already this summer. Oils in the fire added comments of current players «royal club» that they would not mind seeing the player of this class in their team.

In detail about the return of zinyin zidan, we were told in a separate material.

And as practice shows if mutual swing compliments begins to actively attend the press and social networks, it is not. Something similar happened to couthino before his transition to «bars» and with neimar before its transfer in psg. Moreover, exactly the same tactics in relation to waste used «barcelona», which will be collected by mj today within the framework of the lc. But then the negotiations were not crowned with success, since mourinho was able to convince the fields to stay in the team at the price of the captain’s dressing.

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???????? J’ai toujours pensé que gagner la coupe du monde me permettrait de réaliser mon rêve. Mais quand j’ai vu les espoirs et la joie de nos fantastiques supports durant le turnoi, j’ai compris que ce rêve n’était pas le mien. Ce rêve était le nÔtre et je devais jouer ma partition pour qu’il se réalise. Je ne suis qu’un maillon de la chaîne qui a permis de remporter cette nouvelle étoile ⭐, et je me sentirai toujours honoré d’avoir aidé à l’imprimer sur notre maillot ⭐???????????? . ????????I always thought wining the world cup meant making my dream come true. But when i saw the hopes and joy of our wonderful supporsters in the tournament i understood the dream was not mine. The dream was ours and i had to do my part to make it happen. I am just a small piece of the much bigger story behind our new star ⭐, and i am forever blessed to see “her” added to our shirt ⭐???????????? @equipedefrance #fiersdetrebleus # worldcup2018 #worldcup #allezlesbleus

Publication from paul labile pogba (@paulpogba) july 17, 2018 at 11:10 pdt

But after that, their relationship was finally spoiled, and after the dismissal of the portuguese of the waste literally celebrated this event. You can read more about this here.

Zidane is tuned seriously

Now the situation is a little different. According to the issue of daily mail, with a large probability, in the case of a good performance speech in the match with «barcoy» madrid club will attempt to get a frenchman this summer. This initiative proceeds directly from zintedina zidan, which is going to overhaurately rebuild the team in this offseason. Moreover, the mentor «creamy» wants to do this, despite the negative opinion on this occasion of the president of the club florentino peres.

But whether mj wants to part with its leader – good question. Recently, the british media appeared information that ed woodward (president mj) wants to extend the contract with the field on improved conditions (the current contract is calculated until 2021). However, according to the same daily mail, «red devils» ready to sell the frenchman, but for the amount of at least £130 million. Will peres are ready to beat the club record for gareth baila on the amount of transfer, which before €100 million – unknown. Although, judging by insaydam, this summer madrid is ready to spend large amounts for strengthening.

The final moment to convince the president «real», may be an outstanding battle game against a principal rival «galaktikos» – «barcelona». In the first fight, the frenchman could not be mentioned by effective actions, and everything will solve the upcoming fight.

Earlier we wrote about secret weapons that «manu united» will take with you on «camp nou» in order to win.

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