Zidan Was Able To Wake “Real”: The Second Defeat Victory Over The Week

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April 18, 2022
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Wednesday, november 6, in the champons league gave a lot of bright matches, the most spectacular from the point of view of the number of goals was the match of madrid «real» against istanbulsky «galatasaray». After the turn of the failed games, zidan was able to reach his football players, they paid for confidence.

Zidan Was Able to Wake'Real': the second defeat victory over the week

Rodrigo – the author of a unique record

Let’s not stop in detail on a full-fledged review of this fight. Short – the hosts dominated during the whole fight, although its outcome was resolved on the 14th minute, when the score on the scoreboard was 3: 0 in favor «real». 20 strikes against 7 (in the target 11 – 1 in favor «creamy»). In this meeting «royal club» finally, it was also like a sample of triumphant seasons in the champions league.

Prior to that, thera was a high probability of dismissal zidan, we we wrote more in detail in a separate material.

But one person was on the field, on the person of which it is worth stopping – rodrigo silva de gois. Brazilian striker out «santos» became a player «real» this summer, he is only 18 years old, and see him in the application can be infrequently. The reason is not only at his young age, but also in the injury that he received at the beginning of the season.

But zidan, who has proven that he know to work with young people (zizu was headed for several years «castilla», youth team «real»), i realized that i was obliged to support young talent. According to rodrigo himself, he was hard to experienced because of his injury, but the coach did not leave him alone with his thoughts. Zineny visited him in the hospital, showed care, and it helped him to overcome the depressive state.

In the game s «galatasaray» winger gave wing to his mentor full, issued a hat-trick to the goal of the turks. Along the way, rodrigo broke the record of the legendary raoul and became the youngest football player «creamy», which differed three times per game in lch. Now the brazilian, inspired by such success, will only have to add.

Interestingly also the fact that the football player managed to score three goals in different ways.

Indition to the brazilian, the match was distinshed by karim benzema (doubles) and sergio ramos (goal with a penalty spot).

We advise you to read our material about the possible return of ronaldo in «real».

Earlier we wrote that the match «barcelona» – «real» transferred to december.

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