Zinined Zadan Left The “Real”: The Second Ferguson Did Not Work

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July 27, 2022
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Head coach madridsky «real» zinined zidan, who helped the team to win three champions league cup, leave the club again. Who can replace the frenchman in this post – read in the main news of sports.

Zinined Zadan Left The'Real': the second Ferguson did not work

Photo source: fc real

Zidane leaves: fans are waiting for conte, among them and habib

The legendary frhench midfielder zinined zidan was a coach even during his player’s career. His intelligence and authority allowed to manage the actions of partners on the field. No one doubted that he would choose a trainer. So it is happypened. Having been a year to the assistant, and then, having trained the youth team «real», in 2016, zidan headed the main team «royal club» and in the first season won the champons league.

To stop the zizu did not and twice took the cherished cup, entering the cochort of the most successful young coaches in the world. For comparison: jose mourinho has two victories in lch, pepa guardiola – one (although soon he can repeat the triumph with «manchester city»). But taking everything possible from the team and without receiving guarantees from peres, zidane left the post of head coach.

Rested less than a year, the frenchman again became a mentor «creamy» after the breakdown of the club under the leadership of lopegegi and solari. Unfortunately, peres and fans, there were no more victories in the lch, but during this time another championship in spain was mined. In this season «real» again was close to the victory in the lague, but according to the season «atletico». Today it became known in the team, he alady talked to the players – and soon the frenchman will be officially announced. The club has already made an official statement. In the official press release, the club calls zidan legend and reminds that «real» will forever stay his house.

Zidan Leaves

Source: instagram.Com / realmadrid

Perhaps zydan’s care is associated with confusion with participation «real» in superliga. Earlier, zinyen was confident that the team would be able to conduct serious transfer purchases and acquire mbapp. Now perez admitted that due to the failure of the super league project about it is difficult. More about the interest of zidan to mbappe we wrote a fade material.

Who will lead «real», it it still unknown, but in the media call the names of several possible candidates.

Antonio conte

Italian watali in madrid after his successful season in «chelsea», but demarsh players in the face of marselo, ramos and others made the president of the club change their mind. Now konte won won won milan «interom» the first for many years scudetto has announced his care. Specialist is currently free, and many fans with joy will take it in «royal club». Among those who come for the arrival of antonio, – famous mma fighter and fan «creamy» – habib nurmagomedov. He wrote about it in «instagram».

Massimiliano allegri

Another italian in the list of possible candidates for the post of head coach. Allegri at one time did from «juventus» leader of the series a and also consistently reached the later stages of the champions league. Now he is also free, and periodically in the media appears information about the interest of a specialist in work in spain.

Raoul gonzalez blanco

If the madrid leadership wants to continue to attract the legends of his club as coaches, the first who comes to mind will be raul. One of the best team scorers, a long-term captain and a person who is tightly associated with the club. Now the spaniard trains «castilla» (as before zidan) and may well lead the team. Moreover, zizu was recently in close contact with raul, as the injuries were forced due to a series of injuries. Ensure only the small coaching experience of the mentor. But if then it turned out well get and now well raul.

But where will go zidan? Most likely, he will take time for recreation, and then he heads the france team after euro-2020. The frenchman confessed that after work in one of the best football clubs it is difficult to submit another team, but heading the national team – it’s completely different thing. It is also interesting that a year earlier in the media slipped the information that peres wants to offer a zinyinu lifelong contract so that he could build a team how alex ferguson did at one time. Now you can state that the second ferguson did not work.

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