Zinined Zidan Wants To Become A Trainer Of France: Dream Vs Reality

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August 1, 2022
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Italian journalist fabrizio romano published in «twitter» words florentino perez about the desire of zintedina zidan in the future head to the france national team. How real is this option – we understand the main news of sports.

Zinined Zidan Wants To Become A Trainer of France: Dream VS Reality

Zidan – pet of millions of french

Owner «golden ball» 1998 zinin zadan is a cult figure of french football. He reached unprecedented heights like a player, sometimes on his own shoulders pulling not only the club, but also the frhench team, for which he remained forever hero. Even despite his bright, but sad care from the 2006 world cup and the removal of the 2006 world cup and the removal of the strike.

Many players and partners zizu responded about the football player as a playing coach on tom mundial. Soon zidan was able to prove that the were right. Heading madrid «real» in 2018, he was able to win the three champions league cup club, to become a champion of spain (twice) and the winner of the world club championship (twice). After he left madrid for the first time, almost all of the grande europe dreamed of him. The frenchman himself, in an interview, stated that it was difficult for him to imagine which team he could train after the best football club of the world in her face «real».

But the answer, of course, he and fans were – france team, a place where zidan was always the leader in life by the player, could now become a place in which he would become the leader as a coach. Now the french – talented generation flourishing. As a result – final of the european championship 2016 and victory at the 2018 world cup. Now the team is headed by the didier deasham and does it absolutely successfully. The only thing «but» – fans are unhappy with the pragmatic vision of football of the current coach. Having such an axes of players attacks, france may well, scoring one goal, move away on its half of the field and wait for a chance to counterattack.

Zidan could bring a bigger light into the attacking actions of the french. But in order for children to go, – need a failure of the national team. And it is worth noting that the group stage showed a certain weakness of the national team, a draw with hungary and portugal, a severe victory over germany – this is not exactly what is expected by les bleus.

Sanida dreams of becoming at the helm. In that, he confirmed earlier, this recently confirmed the president «real» florentino perez. Moreover, he does not doubt that zidana succeeds to achieve this.

Florentino Perez

Source: twitter.Com / fabrizioroomano

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