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February 24, 2022
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NEW Zitro Digital Application

Zitro announced significant investments in zitro interactive, a business unit that is responsible for the digital distribution of zitro games, which was renamed zitro digital.

Johnny ortiz, the founder of zitro, explaining the bet on zitro digital, said:

"Covid-19 pandemic served as a catalyst for technological changes, accelerating the introduction of e-commerce by consumers of all demography, online games. On the other hand, many operators of ground slot machines around the world have found in online games not only the source of income that complempents their activities, but also a means of maintaining relass with their customers for long and difficult months.

In zitro, we could not miss this moment, as demand comes from both end-consumers and from our traditional customers, ground casino operators wh need to offer online games for general testerces, as well as to stay closer to their customers ".

Zitro digital is going to offer operators not only well-known video games in bingo, which zitro knows, but also video slots. Familiar games will be not only in ground casinos, but will also be available to players at any time through their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Sebastian salad, ceo zitro, noted:

"We needed time to deploy our games in ground casinos, but today of the are known in the casino of any geography. Starting from january 2021, we will be able to create our progressive games that are synonymous with success, for online casino operators ».

Zitro digital is also going to expand its offer in the segment of social games in which today of bingo used two applications: world of bingo, designed exclusive for games in video bingo, and let’s win up, which offers video bingo, games and video slots.

Enric pedro, director of social games in zitro digital, argues:

"The uncontrollable success of the progressive games zitro in the world demanded an exclusive application in which the all might meet, with many functions that would provide funny content and reward for victory. All games from the video slots line will be gradually added to a new application. We are very pleased with the launch of this new application that will start working in january.

Source: official site zitro games

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