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March 22, 2022
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Director general of the equity of equestrian tote association, sergey pillars, believees that, based on russian experience, the creation of the cuu in kazakhstan cen significantly improve the situation with the illegal segment of the bookmaker business.


Creating a cuu in russia have double to reduce the circulation of the illegal market of bookmakers. How to use the experience of the russian federation to combat illegal bookmakers, says the expert sergei poychi.

Tsupis – the structure that allows you to generate all information about cash flows of bookmakers, it was created to regulate the industry in russia. In parallel, a system of self-regulatory organizations was introduced, which made it possible to largely structure the market, make betting-operations more transparent. Thus, a lot of problems were overcome, players were protected, conscientiousness of competition and creating equal conditions. Indition, licensees united around the problem of the illegal market.

Efforts to eliminate illegal operators, according to expert, would be less effective without active assistance to the fts.

Licensee, according to the cuu definitely in a positive key, especially because the elimination of illegal bc leads to an increase in their income.

The expert also notes that zupis in russia exists at the expense of players, a visible transaction commission. This is enough to cover operating costs and investment.

However, representatives of the bookmakers in kazakhstan speak arguinst against the rates center, arguing the position that the financial burden of the content of the structure falls on licensees.

The director general of the equestrian tote association believees that, on the basis of russian experience, the concerns of kazakhstan bookmakers excess. In russia, the presence of cuus contributees to a decrease in the costs of the ppp content, opens up new communication channels with users and also increases the turnover.

Recall that kazakhstan has changed the procedure for paying vat for services provided by gembling operators.

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